Experiential transportation

Unique transportation Amsterdam

Experiential transportation

Because of the coach prohibition in the city centre of Amsterdam, as an event agency, our job is to come up with creative solutions. Every part of a meeting, event or incentive must be memorable, it is about the entire experience. We have listed some unique transportation methods, to show you how we can deal with the coach prohibition in Amsterdam, depending on the group size. We can personalize everything, from the hostess to catering on the vehicle, always making sure it has the wow-effect!

Branded Tuk-Tuks

experiential transportation

For smaller groups we can use branded Tuk Tuk´s and depart from the hotel. An option is to have a guided tour through “The Jordaan” neighbourhood in Amsterdam and be dropped off at the restaurant.

By water

Experiential transportation

Amsterdam has 165 canals which makes it ideal to discover the city by water. There are a lot of ways to move yourself from one point to another. Amsterdam offers a lot of different type of boats, so there is always an option for you. The different tour boats will show you all the highlights of the city, for example, if you are on a cocktail boat, you can enjoy classic and special cocktails with delicious typical dutch snacks. Or there are boats that serve a high end four course menu while sailing through the canals. Boats where you can get a tasting, boats where you can party or traditional saloon boats. The boats in Amsterdam have enough choice for everyone. And of course you can also use it as a way of getting from one destination, for example you hotel, to another!

Personalized Trams

Unique transportation amsterdam

We can use the tram tracks for a private tram to accommodate a whole group. The tram is allowed in the city centres tramnet. We can fully personalize the tram based on the company’s wishes.

Go cycling

experiential transportation

Riding a bike is an essential Amsterdam experience. Renting a bike or taking a guided cycle tour is a great way to discover the city and can be quite an adventure. Exploring the city on a bike lets you see more in a day, while blending in with the locals at the same time.

Leaving Amsterdam? Have dinner on the train!

What better way to combine transportation with the best thing in the world: eating! Go on board on the train and discover what the Netherlands has to offer. Experience the beautiful landscapes while enjoying delicious food.

There are a lot more unique ways to transport a group of people in Amsterdam. We can create innovative ways to use the existing transportation with a twist.

But not only in Amsterdam there are unique ways to travel. How about the gondola in Venice? A traditional method of transportation that was already used in the 11th century. Or maybe a camel ride through the dessert in Morocco. Or a helicopter flight in Cannes that give you a feeling that you have never had before!

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