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Stockholm as an incentive destination

Stockholm is a very upcoming city for incentive and there is lots to do and to discover, so our only advice is to visit Stockholm. But let us inspire you a little bit with some unique things to do and to visit.

stockholm incentive


The archipelago consists of 30.000 islands, islets and rocks. It runs from the north of Sweden to the south, all with their own characteristics. Some of them are inhabited, other have ancient villages. Just 20 minutes away from the city centre of Stockholm begins the archipelago of Sweden. This island is called Fjäderholmarna. It has several restaurants, a museum, meeting venues and is home to several handcraft men and women. You can visit the island by boat.

One of the restaurants is the Fjäderholmarnas Krog which is only open during the summer and Christmas. The restaurant has two private dining possibilities. One is The Loft that can take up to 60 guests and has a fantastic view across the water. And “Lillstugan” is a charming little red cottage. You can enjoy your own private little space with a wonderful sea view over the bay. The cottage accommodates 12 people.

Photo by: Ola Ericson

Hotel C

One of our favorite hotels is Hotel C. The hotel feels like a home away from home, because it expressed warmth, personality and safety. It is only 20 minutes from the airport and next to the central station, so it’s really easy to access. Hotel C has 367 bedrooms that are all well designed in colour, design and equipment. Their love for their city shines through the whole hotel, with photos of Stockholm in the rooms and the names of the conference rooms. Hotel C has 10 different meeting rooms and are very flexible in design, concept and setup.

Because Hotel C is just like home, they also have rooms where you can bring your four-legged friend: Dog Rooms. The rooms include a water and food bowl and a blanker for the dog.

If you want to know Stockholms hidden gems, hotspots and tours, just ask the staff they are alway happy to inform you! There is also a very special bar located in the building of Hotel C, continue reading and you will find out more about this bar!



ICEBAR is the world’s first permanent ice bar. Beside the ”bar” part, ICEBAR offers a lot more. You can participate in a workshop ice sculpting, which is guided by an ice sculpting expert.

Together with a team you can play ICE-SCAPE. The game is about finding clues, cracking codes and solving puzzles to complete an end goal in a set amount of time. In order to further challenge the participants’ minds, the activity takes place in -5 degrees, at a special room in ICEBAR.

If you want to surprise your delegates and do something completely different, the ICEBAR is also available for private and business events. Just make sure you bring a warm coat.


Visit a sunny garden café

Leave the busy city of Stockholm behind and visit a green garden cafe. Head out for lunch or a cup of coffee in an inspiring garden. Some cafe’s give you the opportunity to buy plants, furniture and other nice things.

Photo by: Katja Halvarsson

Midsummer in Stockholm

One of the most beloved and well known Swedish traditions of all is Midsummer’s Eve. Midsummer is this year celebrated on June 22,. Midsummer Eve is the longest day of the year when the sun never sets. Young and old come together to celebrate, both at large community events or just smaller friends an family gatherings. There is a lot of food, beverages and music involved. Women and young children wear flowers in their hair, and communities across the country still decorate so called ”midsommarstänger”, where people sing and dance around. To really experience the midsummer night, you should celebrate it with the local people! You can visit it one of the island of the archipelago or just stay in the city!



Millenium Tour

You may have heard of the incredible populair series of Millenium-books of Stieg Larsson. Also known as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. More than 80 million copies where sold worldwide. The story is set in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden and has renewed interest in Swedish crime films and literature.

During this tour you will experience Stockholm through the eyes of the main characters Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist. Beside that you will also learn more about the history of Stockholm and its inhabitants.

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