Incentive in Rome

Incentive in Rome

Incentive in Rome

Rome is known as the “Eternal city” and “Caput Mundi”, which means capital of the world.
Rome is a city full of history, which you can see on every street corner, architecture and culture. Those elements make it a perfect destination for a meeting, event or incentive. It is packed with museums, monuments and churches. In this blog you will find out what you can do, see and explore when you are organizing an incentive in Rome.

Incentive in Rome

Vistit the Vatican City

Incentive in Rome

Within Rome’s enclave is Vatican City. The Vatican City is built over the tomb of San Pietro. It is the smallest state in the world but has one of the greatest museums of the planet. During a personalized guided tour you will visit several museums and highlights throughout Vatican City.


incentive in RomeVespa tour through Rome

Walking is always a good way to explore a city. But when you are in Rome, the most original and Italian way of transportation is with a Vespa scooter. The scooters are known for their painted, pressed steel unibody. During this tour you will feel more and more like a local.
During this tour you will visit places, that are not available on foot or by public transportation, in just a few hours.



Vineyard visit & wine tasting

Italy is well known for its wines. What makes that a wine tasting is something that can’t be ignored.
First you will have a tour over the vineyard and in the wine cellars. After the tour there are local wines with complementing snacks waiting for you to try. Imagine it! Sitting in the sun, enjoying the view with a good glass of wine…



An aperitivo are alcoholic drinks that are meant to whet your appetite by “opening” the stomach for the feast that is about to take place. One of the most famous aperitivo drinks is the Aperol Sprits. An aperitivo is always accompanied by some delicious delicacies. Think about crostini, bruschetta, focaccia cheese and cold cuts. To make a really fun night out of this, you can go by multiple restaurant and try a different aperitivo every time.

Cooking classes

When you think of Italy, you think of delicious tasty food and eating it with the whole family. We would like to give you the opportunity to cook that food by yourself. A hands-on cooking class, is the perfect chance to learn to cook like ‘nonna’ (Italian for Grandma). You will be using recipes passed down from generation to generation and fresh and local ingredients. Think of traditional food like pasta, pizza and different desserts. You will be welcomed with drinks and antipasti at the cooking school. And after the cleaning, the food will be ready and you can enjoy the taste of Italy!

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