Incentive in Cannes

Incentive in Cannes

Incentive in Cannes

Cannes on the Cote d’Azur is one of the most appealing cities along the French Riviera. The name Cannes is strongly linked to the Cannes Film Festival. Cannes is buzzing throughout the year and also has a great appeal to wealthy tourists who like luxury shopping. In the most famous shopping street, Rue d’Antibes all major brands are represented. In this blog you will find out why you should organize and incentive in Cannes and what else you can do in and around this beautiful city in the French Riviera.

Incentive in Cannes

Helicopter flight

incentive in Cannes

If you would ask us, there is no better way to discover Cannes than from above, in a helicopter. It is also prefect to use the helicopter as a transfer that really gives you a wow-effect, instead of a coach, cab or boat. It will be an exceptional experience, including magnificent views of the Côte d’Azur coastline.
Combine the helicopter flight with a party on a yacht, where the helicopter can land on the deck.

Dinner on a yacht or classic sailing boat

incentive in Cannes

Instead of cooking dinner yourself or going to a restaurant, how about an unforgettable dinner on a yacht or classic sailing boat? It makes you feel like you are one of the movie stars of the Cannes Film Festival. Dinner will be prepared by a Michelin chef while you can look at the mesmerizing view of the skyline of Cannes.
Besides a dinner on a yacht or sailing boat, it is also possible to host a lunch, tasting or party.

Sainte Marguerite Island by boatIncentive in Cannes

The Lérins Islands are the stars of the bay of Cannes. The Île Saint-Marguerite is the largest island of the Lérins Islands. It is about half a mile by boat from Cannes and the French Riviera. Sail around the island and make a stop for a refreshing dive in the clear blue water of the Mediterranean sea.
When you are on the island you can visit the famous Fort Royale, an old prison, which is famous because of the so-called man with the iron mask who was held captive there in the 17th century.

Market visit with chef & cooking classes

incentive in cannesThere is no better way to get to know the culture and the local cuisine than with a local chef. Frist you will go to a local market to pick the ingredients, together with a chef. With those ingredients you will have a cooking class, where you can expand your cookingskills.  And the best thing about this, is that you can enjoy the self-made local dishes with a good glass of French wine.

Saint-TropezIncentive in Cannes

Saint-Tropez is a town also located on the Côte d’Azur. It is a beautiful town, especially during the summer period, when there are many yacht and sailing boats anchored in the harbour. Did you know that Saint-Tropez was one of the favorite places of Pablo Picasso?
Go shopping in the most beautiful shops and relax on one of the many beaches in Saint-Tropez. Going to Saint-Tropez is a fun day trip and easy to combine with for example a dinner or party on a yacht.

Incentive in CannesFirework Festival

Not only the Film Festival is held in Cannes, but also the international Firework Festival. This festival is held during the summer months, when locals gather on the sandy beaches, waiting for the firework to start. Or when you would like to have it more private, get a hotel room with a view over the harbour and enjoy the firework with a glass of champagne. When the ‘moment supreme’ is there all the lights on the streets go out. In the dark, the announcer calls everyone welcome, the music starts playing and the firework will appear from the sea with a deafening crack.


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