Food trucks for your event


Food trucks for your event

For your event it might be a challenge to find the perfect place to have dinner. You can go to a fine dining restaurant, maybe a dinner on the beach or at another unique venue, or what about a dinner on a yacht. But if you want to offer as many cuisines and dishes as possible, using food trucks might be the ideal option.

Nowadays it is insanely popular to use food trucks for your event since the demand for easy, fast, healthy and sustainable food becomes bigger and bigger. You can even see it as a separate new branch, the food truck branch. Food trucks ensure an informal and fun atmosphere and there is something to eat for everyone. And the best thing is that you can hold your event anywhere you like, as food trucks are mobile.

Food trucks

Food truck trends 2018

A food truck specializes often in one dish or one cuisine. You will see the most trendy and colourful trucks parked around you. People transform their cars and caravans into the most unique, fancy and eye catching food trucks. The food branch is changing really fast and many trends are coming up, like the following:

Pure and fresh products
Fresh products have been a trend for quite a while now. But nowadays people think more about where the food comes from and how it is produced. This makes that for example they use more herbs instead of salt in their dishes. Flavours and colours will all be pure.

Vegetarian options are already a trend for a long time. But lately the vegan options are becoming more and more popular. Try dishes like burgers made of zucchini or noodles made of sweet potato.

No, clockless eating does not mean that you eat all day long. It means that it doesn’t matter anymore what you eat at what time of the day. How about a burger for breakfast or a croissant with fresh orange juice for dinner? It’s up to you!

Food trucks

In Amsterdam there are different yearly food truck festivals. A big one is the Rollende Keukens festival (Rolling Kitchens festival). In the beginning of May the Westerpark in Amsterdam turns into one big kitchen with different flavours that will make your mouth water instantly. A permanent food court in Amsterdam is the Foodhallen in Amsterdam. All year long you can go there to enjoy all the different cuisines they offer.


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